Strength and conditioning

Strive Physiotherapy’s strength and conditioning services are designed to help clients reach their fitness, health and performance goals. Our in house facilities provide access to the most effective equipment – all of which are organized with a single goal in mind: maximizing results.

With us, clients enjoy personalized plans tailored to their individual needs and lifestyle. Each program includes structured workouts that not only focus on each user’s physical potential but also develop mental resilience. We use dynamic movement training, sport-specific training and more to ensure optimal performance in athletes at any level.

We partner ourselves with different gyms and offer rehabilitation at your local gym as well.Strive Physiotherapy is dedicated to helping clients discover healthier versions of themselves with results that speak for themselves! As our team put it best: there’s no better feeling than having a vision of what you want to achieve and working hard every day towards it. So give us a call today – Strive Physiotherapy will help you get on the path to success.

Exercise therapy

Strive Physiotherapy is committed to providing our clients with the best exercise therapy services available. Our certified physical therapists work closely with each individual to create a tailored plan that suits their needs and abilities. We leverage the latest technological tools, including ultrasound scanners, to record and measure progress over time. Our exercises incorporate strength training and flexibility training, as well as aerobic exercises such as walking and jogging. We also use postural analysis to detect areas where muscles may be strained or weak. Strive Physiotherapy helps individuals find motivation through regular check-ins and goal-oriented exercises. The purpose of exercise therapy is to reduce pain and improve overall mobility, ultimately leading to a healthier lifestyle for our clients. With Strive healthcare’s team of professionals, we are confident that our clients will achieve optimal results from their exercise therapy journey.


Strive Physiotherapy offers rehabilitation services for individuals of all ages and abilities. Our rehabilitation plans are tailored to the needs of each person, helping them regain their highest level of physical, emotional, psychological, and neurological functioning. Our experienced therapists use a wide range of strategies that align with evidence- based practice models to help patients reach their goals. Our treatments may include but are not limited to: therapeutic exercises for strength and balance; manual therapy; modalities such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation; postural control and aquatic therapy; functional capacity evaluations; orthotics management and education on injury prevention.

We work in collaboration with medical professionals to provide our patients with the best care possible. We strive to empower our clients while they develop the skills, they need to ensure lasting success in their recovery journey. With Strive Physiotherapy’s personalised rehabilitation programs, individuals can feel confident that they are receiving quality treatment tailored specifically to their needs.  From regaining strength after an injury or illness to managing a lifelong condition, Strive Physiotherapy gives people the ability to take back their lives and start living again!


At Strive Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive care services that meet a variety of needs. One such service is hydrotherapy – an ideal form of therapy for those living with any type of chronic illness or physical disabilities that requires low- impact exercise and muscle relaxation. With hydrotherapy, our patients benefit from built-in buoyancy that helps reduce their risk of slipping or falling whilst also relieving muscle stiffness and joint pain thanks to warm water therapy. Our team is highly trained in administering these types of treatments safely and professionally so that patients benefit from improved circulation, reduced stress levels and enhanced relaxation with every visit. We believe strongly in taking a holistic approach to healthcare, which is why we’re proud to offer this unique form of therapy as part of our services range.