Injury management

Strive Physiotherapy offers injury management services to help people with pain or physical disabilities from sport injury or trauma. Our team of physiotherapists can help you recover fast and with minimal pain. We know how difficult it is to manage an injury, so we offer long-term support when needed and ensure that each client’s treatment plan is individualized based on their medical history and pain level. We aim to provide professional, compassionate care throughout the recovery process and beyond. Part of our rehabilitation program will targetyour mobility, dexterity, and physical functioning. We’re proud to provide excellent care that helps our clients Strive again.

We understand your challenges, making the complex journey back easier. Together let us navigate towards better health for improved quality of life.  Strive On!

Taping & Bracing

Strive Physiotherapy offers taping for many treatment goals. Our taping process is designed with the patient’s health and daily function in mind. We use high-quality athletic tape or brace to stabilize weak or injured joints, muscles, and tendons for pain-free movement and improved performance. We strategically place the tape on the patient’s body while allowing unrestricted movement. We keep our patients feeling strong! Let us help you regain your active lifestyle despite injuries or illnesses. Contact Strive Physiotherapy today and take advantage of our outstanding taping/ Bracing services. You’ll feel the difference Strive physiotherapy makes in no time at all!