Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few ways through which you can make a booking with us.

  1. You can simply call us to make a booking
  2. You can make a booking online at https://strivehealthcare.com.au/booking/
  3. You can request a call back by emailing us and we will call you back to confirm a booking

Please call us directly if your booking is in relation to:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Motor vehicle insurance

Please bring any x-rays, scans, or other medical tests that are pertinent to your injury to your appointment.

You are welcome to bring any additional information you believe to be pertinent, such as training plans, but your physiotherapist will be able to let you know at the appointment if they need anything else from you.

Please bring a change of clothes or wear comfortable clothing that allows our practitioners to easily view and evaluate the injured area. This is especially important for injuries to the hip knee and shoulder-thoracic regions. We kindly request that all female patients with shoulder-related injuries think about bringing or wearing a singlet.

Exercise therapy and rehabilitation are frequently incorporated into our physiotherapists’ consultations, so it may be necessary for you to have access to clothing and footwear that allow you to move freely and comfortably while carrying out functional tasks or exercises.

Please bring your work or sports shoes for the for lower limb conditions. It might be advantageous for women to bring a small selection of their typical footwear.

Yes, we have plenty of parking available for all our visitors

There are regular public transport buses available from Bull Creek train station to our practice. You can take most of the bus services departing from Bull Creek train station to reach us. Please ensure to consult Trans-Perth for appropriate bus timings and directions.

Yes, payment is required on the same day of service for all privately billed patient. We offer to accept payments via EFTPOS, Cash, direct bank transfer for your convenience. We accept Visa and Mastercard. If you have private health, you can claim on the spot with our HICAPS facilities. Please ensure you bring your Private Health card with you.

For Medicare patients we can claim on the spot using your Medicare Card, please ensure you have the appropriate paperwork. Please see FAQ below

For DVA patients we can claim on the spot using your DVA Card, please ensure you have the appropriate paperwork.

For Motor Vehicle Accidents and Workers’ Compensation we bill directly to your insurance saving you any out-of-pocket expenses.

You may be entitled to a Medicare rebate to be claimed back by the patient. If your bank details are registered with Medicare, we can automatically submit an electronic claim on your behalf. We offer a gap free EPC appointment. Please ensure to bring your Medicare card, EPC paperwork provided by your GP and GP referral letter to your appointments.

You can submit a claim on your private health insurance through our Hicaps terminal at the time of your appointment. Your Provider and level of coverage will determine how much your insurance will pay. Make sure to bring your card to the appointment so we can process the claim right away. If you don’t have your card, don’t worry; you can still submit a claim later online or at your Providers branch.

Yes, but you must bring your claim number, the date of the accident, GP referral letter and your employer’s complete information, including name, address, and insurance provider. We request all Workcover and MVA appointments be booked by calling us and NOT through our online Booking portal.

No. A Physiotherapist is a Primary contact practitioner and therefore you do not need a referral to see one as a private patient. However, if you are a Worker’s Compensation or MVA patient, we will require more details. As such we request all Workcover and MVA appointments to be booked by calling us and NOT through our online Booking portal.

Our physios can refer you on for Ultrasounds, X-Ray, MRI or other imaging, however in most cases there is small gap, please ask our physiotherapist during your appointment.

When rescheduling an appointment, kindly give us at least 24 hours notice.

To prevent delays in your care and recovery, we will do our best to reschedule you for the next available appointment as soon as possible.

While we will make every effort to accommodate you if you are running late, if a patient is scheduled right after you, your appointment may understandably be shortened.

We regretfully have to discharge patients who repeatedly cancel or reschedule appointments because we know they won’t be able to achieve their health objectives.