Pain management

Pain can often be severe and debilitating, causing missed days of work, disturbance to everyday living, and diminished quality of life. At our clinic, we offer pain treatment therapies to ease this all-too-common condition.

Our trained physiotherapists specialize in diagnostic tests that can determine the source of your discomfort, whether from new injury or an old one. We offer physical therapies including massage and dry needling, lifestyle guidance, and exercise therapy for long-term pain.

Our staff takes a customized approach to understand each patient’s needs and identify the optimal mix of methods to decrease pain and speed healing. Our objective is to relieve pain as rapidly as possible so our patients may live with comfort and dignity. We can help with chronic or acute pain.

Massage and Dry Needling

Physiotherapy massage manipulates soft tissue to reduce pain, restore motion, and improve health. Our physiotherapists are trained and skilled at providing this treatment. Our physiotherapy massage can reduce tension, improve circulation, increase flexibility, reduce fatigue, and promote relaxation when performed by a professional. Stretching and trigger-point therapy may be used to treat you. Massage can also reduce swelling and improve joint mobility. Our physiotherapy massage can help you feel better physically and mentally with the right approach. Our services can help you feel better, so call us today.


Strive Physiotherapy is proud to provide an innovative service – Physiotherapy Ultrasound. Our trained experts utilize state of the art equipment to administer ultrasound therapy, a method of healing that involves the use of sound waves in order to reduce pain and promote healing. The beauty of ultrasound therapy lies in its effectiveness and its non-invasive nature. It can be used for a broad range of issues including muscle tension, and inflammation as well as post-operative recovery. We believe in empowering our patients to take control of their physical well-being – one ultrasound session at a time! With us you can trust that you’re in skilled hands with the latest technology on your side.